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Common Maintenance Methods For Tablet Press


Common Maintenance Methods For Tablet Press

Problems are inevitable during the use of the tablet press. If any problems occur, it is necessary to carefully inspect them, find out the faults and causes of the tablet press, and promptly handle them. Below are some examples of common faults of the tablet press for detailed maintenance:

1. Pressure roller. The pressure roller is a device for adjusting the pressure of tablets and increasing protection. Common faults include wear of the pressure roller, lack of oil or damage to the pressure roller shaft bearings. Due to severe abrasion of the outer circle of the pressing wheel, the resistance at the end of the punch rod is large, and the pressing wheel must be replaced again; When the inner hole of the pressure roller and the pressure roller shaft are severely worn, it is also necessary to replace the pressure roller or the pressure roller shaft: Sometimes the pressure roller shaft breaks mainly due to excessive pressure, most of which are due to improper adjustment and operation due to the difficulty of pressing the material. At this time, it is necessary to replace the pressure roller shaft, adjust the material, and readjust the pressure. In addition, regularly lubricate and maintain the pressure wheel shaft bearings, and promptly replace them if they are damaged.

2. Overload protection. The common failure of overload protection systems is frequent alarms. The main reason is that the pressing pressure is overloaded or the set pressure of the overload protection spring is too small. The solution is to adjust the pressure handwheel, reduce the pressure or increase the set pressure of the overload protection spring.

3.   Reduction gearbox. The gearbox is composed of a worm gear, a worm gear, and a box. Its common fault is oil leakage from the gearbox. This is mainly caused by loose flange screws or aging oil seals. The solution is to tighten the flange screws or replace the oil seal and apply sealant. Tablet press is the main equipment for pharmaceutical enterprises to produce tablets.

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