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Bestowing Prosperous New Year Gifts Upon Our Valued Team


As the Lunar New Year of Dragon coming close,Rich Packing has extended a heartwarming Chinese New Year blessing to all the employees. Rich Packing has presented each staff member with a vibrant New Year gift box, containing a variety of delightful items such as nut assortments, milk treats, cookies, and distinctive snacks.

This New Year gift box is not just a token of appreciation for the hard work of the employees over the past year. As the Chinese new year approaches, it serves as a warm gesture, expressing deep blessings and genuine care for the well-being of the team. Rich Packing hopes for a smooth and prosperous career, good health, and happiness for everyone in the coming year.

This gift is more than just a present; it symbolizes the company's commitment to strengthening team cohesion. Rich Packing has always been dedicated to creating a warm and harmonious work environment. Through such initiatives, the company aims to ignite enthusiasm among employees and foster a sense of belonging, uniting everyone to face new challenges together.

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