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The Shortcomings Of The Tablet Press


The shortcomings of the tablet press

In recent years, the pharmaceutical machinery and equipment industry has developed rapidly. As a key and important equipment in the production of tablets, the tablet press has a good development situation. The pharmaceutical tablet press has high assembly accuracy, excellent material, wear-resistant, stable and reliable, and is recognized as a popular product in the country. Therefore, it is also widely used in the pharmaceutical industry. However, it must be mentioned that the tablet press still has some shortcomings. Place.


1. The individualized adaptability of the tablet press is low:

Many tablet presses cannot meet the needs of various Chinese and Western medicine factories and special needs, and the product technology, testing methods and accessories are relatively backward.


2. Dust will be generated during production and transportation:

Dust will appear in the production process of the tablet press. The problem of dust is what we have to solve. The dust generated during the production process of the high-speed rotary tablet press is sucked by a vacuum cleaner. Due to the current level, the sealing effect of the tablet press is not very good, and there will still be a lot of dust leakage. Dust may also be generated during transportation.


3. Pollution and cleaning of compressed tablets are more troublesome:

The lubrication of the tablet press machine uses liquid lubricants, and the sealing effect is not very good, which will cause the tablets to be contaminated. In addition, the gap between the feeder and the rotating table in the tablet press will cause dust pollution. Moreover, the current tablet press cannot be cleaned online. It is inconvenient to disassemble the parts when cleaning, and it is difficult to clean the dead corners. This increases the cost of the manufacturer.


4. Low technical content and insufficient technological innovation capability:

Although new tablet press products are constantly being introduced every year, the homogeneity of products is very serious. Among them, there are few varieties with high technical level and high added value. Compared with foreign products, their competitiveness is obviously insufficient. .

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