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Working Principle And Application Of Automatic Counting Machine


Working principle and application of automatic counting machine

For the widespread application of automation in many industrial fields, many things have been machined and have been streamlined. The bottling and counting production of products such as "capsules, tablets, medicines, health products, gummy" is no exception by the automatic counting machines. So what type of machine is the counting machine and how does it work?


Counting materials are needed everywhere in the production progress. There is a demand for the machine that can quickly count and complete bottling, packing and cartoning. At the same time, there is possible to find that the certain product unqualified, and then picked it out to prevent it from selling to the market. Our Guangdong RICH PACKING company's main products include tablets capsules counting machines, counting and packaging production lines, labeling machines and automatic cartoning machines. Since 1993, we have focused on the production lines and packaging automatic solutions for the pharmaceutical, food, health care and electronics industries.


     The working principle of the counter counting machine: manually or automatically put the materials into the top hopper, and by appropriately adjusting the two-stage or three-stage vibrating channel, the piled materials in the hopper are divided into continuous line along the vibrating tank and gradually slide down to the blanking port. Then drop into the counting detection channel one by one, and through the principle of photoelectric effect to input the infrared signal by the dynamic scanning sensor when the counting material falls to the high speed FPJ microprocessor, and finally realize the counting bottling function through the circuit and the program.


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