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Loading And Delivery Of Products From Turkish Customers


Loading And Delivery Of Products From Turkish Customers

After more than a month's efforts of various departments in the production workshop, the trial machine test is completed, and the capsule filling machine njp-1500d products ordered by Turkish customers are properly loaded and shipped. The logistics will start from Shanghai port and arrive in Turkey across Haiti for one month.


Considering the urgent construction period and tight supply cycle of this order, in order to ensure on-time delivery, employees in Rich packing production workshop worked overtime to step up production, and correspondingly increased the number of delivery vehicles to ensure that the ordered capsule filling machine equipment was delivered to Turkish customers in time.


At the same time, after completing the production of njp-1500d automatic capsule filling machine, the company also makes various preparations before delivery, such as machine test, no omission of detection accessories, commissioning of the whole equipment, wooden box packaging and various protective measures to prevent bumps on the road... All preparations are in order to ensure the smooth progress of delivery.


The equipment has been sent to the customer recently. The equipment has been installed and completed. It can be connected to the power supply for trial operation. After one day of normal operation, the equipment has begun to work normally. Rich packing is committed to solving problems for customers, focusing on products in the field of packaging and pharmaceutical machinery. Customers who need to order pharmaceutical and packaging products are welcome to visit.


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