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How Does The Automatic Tablet Counter Work


How Does The Automatic Tablet Counter Work

During operation, the particles are poured into the hopper at the top of the counter. By properly adjusting the primary, intermediate and final vibration feeders, the stacked particles in the hopper gradually slide down to the blanking port along the vibration trough plate into a continuous straight line. Then the particles drop to the detection channel of the counter one by one, and the working signal generated by the infrared dynamic scanning sensor when the particles fall is input to the FPGA high-speed microprocessor using the principle of photoelectric effect, and the counting function is realized through the cooperation of circuit and program.

Structural features of full-automatic granulator

1. Operating system:

With the introduction of foreign manufacturers' mature high-speed digital technology, the operating system based on high-speed microprocessor technology and full Chinese dynamic graphic display, the parameters can be set or adjusted on.

The counter has an automatic fault diagnosis and real-time monitoring alarm display system, and can store multiple groups of parameters, which can be called directly when changing products.

2. Feeding device of counter (optional accessories):

The device is easy to operate, stable and reliable in performance, simple in disassembly and installation, and safe in use;

The material barrel is made of SS 316L stainless steel, which is used to transport materials in a sealed manner, with less dust pollution, in line with GMP;

The range of lifting weight is wide, and the performance has reached the level of similar products abroad;

It can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve work efficiency.

3 Particle feeding mechanism of counter:

Three section vibrating disk type electromagnetic oscillation is adopted, with adjustable vibration frequency and fast speed to ensure fast particle separation speed;

DC vibrator is used to ensure smooth vibration, which can ensure smooth operation of particles, especially irregular tablets, and avoid counting particles by mistake;

The pill sliding track of the counter adopts a three-layer ladder type, and the pill moves down layer by layer. The distance between the pill and the pill will be set according to the program to avoid overlap;

Three stage dust suction design, the dust between the falling layers of drug particles is sucked clean by * to avoid pollution. (Vacuum cleaner is optional)

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