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Installation Requirements For Rotary Tablet Press Machine


Installation Requirements For Rotary Tablet Press Machine

1. The manufacturer shall formulate the operation manual of the equipment, including the composition and use of the rotary tablet press; Technical parameters of tablet press; Transportation, installation and storage; Operation and adjustment; Maintenance and repair; Vulnerable parts catalogue, and the obligation to help and guide users to install and use the equipment.


2. The user shall install the automatic tablet press according to the installation method and requirements in the instruction manual.


3. The installation environment of the rotary tablet press shall meet the relevant provisions of the Good Practice for Drug Manufacturing Quality Management (1998 Revision).


4, equipped with necessary auxiliary facilities, such as power supply, compressed air source, feeding device, dust removal device, etc.


5, the tablet rotary tablet press through air operation or test run, to confirm the stability and adjustable ability of the function of each mechanism of the equipment, the reliability and safety of the instrument.

5. The tablet press conforms to national or industry standards. Develop stricter product standards than national or industry standards, and actively promote the adoption of international standards, such as pill die EU standards and IPT standards.


6. The pharmaceutical tablet press has good sealing and isolation measures. For example, the sealing isolation between the mechanical component and the tablet room, the sealing isolation between the punch rod body (up and down motion guiding effect) and the top (the part in contact with the material), the sealing isolation between the turntable, the lower body (for the punch rod body guiding) and the middle work table (material flow, tablet forming area), the sealing isolation between the tablet room and the outside.

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