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Application And Development Of Tablet Press Machine


Application And Development Of Tablet Press Machine

With the continuous development of the pharmaceutical industry, pharmaceutical equipment is also being upgraded. Among them, the fully automatic rotary tablet press is a device for making tablets, which can achieve efficient and accurate tablet pressing operation. The following will introduce the rotary tablet press from two aspects of domestic development and use.

1Domestic development of tablet press

The automatic tablet press has developed rapidly in the domestic pharmaceutical equipment market. It is understood that rotary tablet presses have been widely used by major pharmaceutical enterprises in China, resulting in significant improvements in product quality and production efficiency. In addition, some small and medium-sized enterprises in China have also begun to pay attention to tablet machines to meet the needs of market competition.

2Application of rotary tablet press

The automatic rotary tablet press is widely used in the pharmaceutical industry, mainly for pressing various types of tablets. The automatic tablet press can accurately control the pressure and tablet weight, thus ensuring the quality and efficiency of the product.

In addition, the automatic rotary tablet press has the following advantages:

1. High efficiency: Tablet press can rapidly press tablets and improve production efficiency.

2. Precision: The tablet rotary tablet press can ensure the weight and thickness of each tablet, thus ensuring the quality of the product.

3. Reliability: The support of automatic rotary tablet press is made of cast iron, which has good durability and stability.

In short, the tablet maker has broad application prospects in the domestic market, and its continuous development and improvement will have a positive impact on the development of the pharmaceutical industry.

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