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What Are The Advantages Of Hard Capsule Filling Machines


What Are The Advantages Of Hard Capsule Filling Machines

Hard capsule filling machine, also known as capsule filling machine and capsule filling equipment, is a continuous improvement made on the basis of the capsule machine's split fit. The combined capsule machine combines the cap arrangement machine, body arrangement machine, and locking machine into one, reducing the volume and floor area. The combined capsule machine has many advantages such as rapid capsule arrangement, high output, high efficiency, simple operation, convenient maintenance, and low power consumption, The powder filling of the conjoined capsule machine requires manual assistance. The conjoined capsule machine is currently the capsule filling and fitting machine selected by domestic hospital preparation rooms, specialized hospitals, outpatient departments, and research institutes.

Model and structure advantages of hard capsule filling machine:

A. Easy installation, disassembly, and cleaning, effectively improving work efficiency.

B. Conveniently and quickly adjust the gap between the metering disk and the copper gasket, reducing powder leakage and improving the loading accuracy.

C. A new type of trailer is used, and an automatic powder recovery structure is installed. The powder leaked during the production filling process is automatically recovered, reducing waste.

D. Equipped with an air pressure cleaning mold system, the upper and lower mold holes are automatically cleaned when the upper and lower molds run to the eighth station, achieving no dust in the upper and lower mold holes, improving the seeding effect.

E. Equipped with a door control safety system and a mechanical failure safety system. Automatic alarm and automatic shutdown functions.

F. Automatic alarm and automatic shutdown function when the hopper is short of bags and powder.

The man-machine interface is fully functional, with automatic display and counting functions during production and operation. If necessary, a printer can be configured, including (production date, production batch number, production quantity, etc.) functions.

The model of the hard capsule filling machine adopts a new type of side-hung operating platform, a new structure of a 10-position fully closed intermittent turntable, and the one-way movement of the upper and lower templates is safe and reliable. The closed structure ensures that the product is free from lubricating oil pollution, and the safety meets the requirements of GMP specifications. It is characterized by stability, accuracy, and reliability. Professional precision manufacturing capsule filling machines, implementing 6S management, high efficiency, simple operation, and compliance with pharmacopoeia and GMP standards. Pharmaceutical factories, food factories, research institutes, medical institutions, universities and colleges repeatedly compare and choose. Our company produces automatic capsule filling machines, aluminum plastic packaging machines, micro aluminum plastic packaging machines, capsule filling machines, capsule polishing machines, and other pharmaceutical equipment, suitable for pharmaceutical factories, hospital preparation departments, laboratory trials, For health product factories and other units.

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