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Operation of the vacuum pump of the blister packaging machine


Operation of the vacuum pump of the blister packaging machine

Before the blister packaging machine works normally, the inlet pipe valve should be closed first, so that the vacuum pump can run for more than 15 minutes under the ultimate pressure state. This method can effectively extract the water vapor in the gas. The motor should not be stopped and started frequently (the number of times is less than 6 times/hour). (Note: When the vacuum pump is running normally, the surface temperature of the oil-water separator, pump body, pump cover, etc., will exceed 70°C. Do not touch it with your hands; do not add oil when the pump is running.)


Measurement of ultimate pressure: The ultimate pressure should be directly measured with a compression vacuum gauge at the suction port. Once the pump is used for the first time, or after long-term use, or after replacing the new oil, the air port should be closed for at least 1 hour. After confirming that the vacuum pump of the blister machine reaches the working temperature, the pressure can be measured after fully degassing.


Vacuum pump oil for blister packaging machine: The vacuum pump should use lubricating oil that meets the requirements of the SHO528-92 standard. Use ISO-VG100 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil when the working environment temperature is between 10 and 40. Use ISO-VG32 viscosity grade vacuum pump oil when the ambient temperature is between 0 and 10. When the vacuum pump is running, the oil level must be between one-fourth and three-quarters of the height of the oil window. If the oil level is too low, the operation should be suspended and the vacuum pump oil should be added to 3/4 of the oil window. It is recommended to change the oil for the first time after 150 hours of work for the first time, and then change the oil every 500 hours of work. At the same time, make sure that the filter is also replaced when changing the oil.


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