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The Working Principle Of The Automatic Electronic Counting Machine


The Working Principle Of The Automatic Electronic Counting Machine

The automatic electronic counting machine is a highly automated and intelligent production and packaging machine that can divide specific items (such as tablets, pills, capsules or other objects of similar shape) into different containers according to the specified quantity . Because of its high accuracy, high speed, small footprint, low power consumption, wide applicability, and high cost performance, it is widely used in many industries such as pharmaceuticals, food, health care, cosmetics, electronics, agriculture, and clothing.

   There are usually one or more silos at the upper end of the automatic electronic counting machine to hold materials. There is an adjustable cover at the outlet of the hopper to control the amount of material discharged. There are two or three inclined grooves at the exit of the silo, and the bottom of the groove is equipped with a vibration motor. When working, start the motor to separate the accumulated materials through vibration, and make them slide along the bottom of the groove in a straight line to the blanking opening. The electronic counting machine the blanking opening is usually equipped with an infrared sensor system, which can detect the passing materials. Perform detection counts and send these signals to the machine's processor. When the passing quantity reaches the set value of the machine, the blanking port is automatically closed and waiting for the next filling of several grains.

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