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Maintenance And Maintenance Methods Of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler


Maintenance And Maintenance Methods Of Automatic Bottle Unscrambler

Guangdong Rich packing automatic bottle unscrambler is mainly to arrange the chaotic and disordered bottles neatly with the bottle mouth facing upwards, and transport these bottles to the next station through the conveyor belt. It has fast speed, small footprint, and easy operation. , Simple maintenance and other features. The service life of the self-care bottle machine is affected by many external factors in addition to its own design quality. In particular, daily maintenance is very important, but in maintenance, we should also pay attention to the following matters:

1. When cleaning the dust and sundries inside the bottle unscrambler, remember not to wash it directly with water. There are complex circuits and electronic components in the bottle unscrambler, and the entry of water will directly damage these sophisticated electronic components.

2. After each production, clean the turntable, conveyor belt and bottle impeller with a clean rag.

3. Pay attention to keeping the work surface clean and tidy. During the work, it is strictly forbidden to have beverages, water stains or flammable and explosive materials on the bottle unscrambler. The existence of these things will seriously threaten the normal use and operation of the machine. Once these items are found, they should be cleaned up immediately

4. When the automatic bottle unscrambler is not used for a long time, it should be changed to prevent dust and rust, and regularly apply anti-rust oil or lubricating oil to the mechanical transmission parts, and place it in a cool and dry place with a dust-proof cover.

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