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Why Do Lobes Occur During The Operation Of A Tablet Press Machine?


Why Do Lobes Occur During The Operation Of A Tablet Press Machine?

Most of the time, there is air in the granules when the tablet press is compressing, the compression speed is fast, the gap between the punch and the die hole is small, the air is not excluded from the granules when compressing, it is enclosed in the tablet, when there is no more pressure, the air will expand and this will lead to lobes. When there is no pressure, the air will expand and this will lead to lobing.


In the light of the above, we should first make a pre-pressure device for the fine powder in the pellets so that the air can escape. However, there are many situations that cannot be explained. Lobbing can occur when the pressure of the tablet press machine is high, but lowering the pressure during pressing can prevent lobing. The reason for the lobe of the tablet press is the improper compression behaviour of the granules, the elasticity of the granules is relatively strong, the elasticity of the tablets pressed out is relatively high, and the uneven pressure can also cause.


When a rotary tablet press machine is used to compress tablets, the upper and lower part of the tablet is subjected to greater pressure, and the size of the pressure is related to the elastic recovery rate of the tablet.


The scientific design of the prescription can prevent the phenomenon of lobes, how to increase the plasticity of the auxiliary materials, the molding of the granules, adding compressible starch in the process can solve the above problems.


The pressure of the tablet press machine during the pressing process and the possibility of lobing is small, the recovery rate is also small, the compression time increases, the plasticity also increases so that the phenomenon of lobing can be prevented, the amount of water in the granule is able to shape the plasticity of the granule and improve the distribution of pressure also prevents the phenomenon of lobing. It is also possible to add a good lubricant to change the pressure distribution and prevent lobing.

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